Northern Nevada Chapter Volunteers are the BEST!

What do volunteers do? ...EVERYTHING
  1. Provide leadership at every level
  2. Meet with Wish Children
  3. Raise money
  4. Plan events
  5. Recruit
  6. Train and mentor volunteers
  7. Make presentations
  8. Administrative support
  9. Hold a Wish Child's hand
  10. Listen

Make-A-Wish® is dependent on its team of generous and high level volunteers who not only form teams to work directly with the Wish Children but who work on behalf of the chapter as leaders at all levels and in all areas to fulfill the mission.

Volunteers are needed in all 13 counties of Northern Nevada.

Volunteer Roles
  1. Wish Granter – Works directly with children to discover and fulfill wishes. (Must be 18 years or older).
  2. Wish Magician – Supports the granting of wishes through staffing fund-raising events and family activities.
  3. Wish Ambassador – Represents the Foundation at community, schools, business, or civic events.
  4. Wish Assistant– Joins our office staff team to help answer the telephone, help with office projects and greet guests.