On a recent freezing December day, warm hearts were all around as a little boy from North Carolina received his greatest wish: a tour of the Top Gun facility at Fallon Naval Air Base. The soon-to-be 5 year old Evan has lost one kidney to Wilm's Tumor, but is in much better health these days. He is a big fan of the movie, Top Gun and his dad is stationed at the Army Base in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. Mom, Dad, and Evan's two older brothers were all treated to an eye-popping tour of the flight line, courtesy of a real-life Marine flight instructor. Evan would like to be a Top Gun or helicopter pilot someday, and it looks like he's already on his way, having been presented by the Base Admiral himself with an honorary Top Gun certificate of graduation. Congressman Jim Gibbons was in attendance, to greet Evan and his family. Happy flying, Evan!

Casey and the Power of a Wish

On the walls of the Wish House there's a picture of a teenage boy, movie star handsome and flashing a crooked grin, leaning relaxed against a park fence, baseball glove resting at his side.

The young man's journey to the time and place captured in the photo is an amazing one that started when he was 12 years old. Casey had been experiencing blinding headaches that his parents attributed to a sinus infection. On the way to the doctor, Casey joked that the pain was so bad it was like a brain tumor. After some tests, the lab called with the devastating news.

Sabrina's Magical Journey

Four year old Sabrina, from Reno, journeyed with her mother and brother to the Magic Kingdom and Sea World in Florida. Upon their return, Sabrina's family rated their trip a "10" and said they "made great memories" they'll treasure always.

Bryan's Shopping Spree

On the day his wish was granted, Bryan was on a short, four-day leave from the intense chemotherapy which would last an estimated six months, a vertiable lifetime in the mind of an 11-year old boy.