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Nevada Wish

Welcome to Nevada Wish, and thank you for seeking to learn more about our purpose. We are a statewide non-profit designed to enhance the lives of children suffering hardships by granting wishes. The number of children in Nevada dealing with adversity relating to illness or injury is staggering. While there are national organizations with the same objective, we direct our efforts toward serving Nevada’s youth, as there are already more recipients than any one agency can accommodate. Wishes coming to fruition inspires hope in families when they need it most. When a child’s quality of life is improved, even for a short while, the optimism infused within the entire family unit is undeniable.

Making Wishes Come True in Nevada

Through professional partnerships and generous private and corporate donations, we are able to facilitate unforgettable experiences for many in-need children per year. Our long-time history speaks to our dedication to families who are in need of hope and an overall feeling of community support. Each wish amounts to much more than what is on the surface. It is about treasured moments and creating a lasting family memory for those who have been consumed by doctor’s visits, medical treatments or making end-of-life plans for someone far too young to need such preparations.

Wishes Granted

One of the most common questions posed to us has to do with a curiosity about what types of wishes we encounter. The simple response to this is to remind others that children are quite creative, and we take their lead. We are continually impressed by the thoughtful wishes we hear. A majority of children, upon learning they have been selected for a customized experience, quickly insist the whole family is involved. This selfless nature is a huge part of our inspiration to persevere, even when resources are limited.

Throughout the years, we have packed up families for first airplane rides to faraway destinations, outfitted homes with Internet access and computers, and teamed with celebrities to wow one of their biggest fans with a surprise visit. And these actions are but a few examples of how we color the world of children who are facing battles of a lifetime at an age when their lives should not be burdened to such a degree.

Assist with Our Mission

Without public contributions, our efforts would be far too limited to reach the number of deserving families we do. If, like us, you recognize the importance of illuminating a child’s life when reasons to smile have been limited, there are several ways you can support Nevada Wish:

Refer a Child If you know a child who fits our criteria, please submit their parent or guardian’s contact information, along with a detailed description of their particular circumstance. While we lack the resources to work with every family we read about, we do our best to reach out to those who contact us.

Monetary Contribution The easiest, most impactful way to assist Nevada Wish is with a tax-deductible financial gift. Any amount is a tremendous help, as we rely on public donations to cover all operating costs.

Make a Bequest A lasting means of helping Nevada’s youth is to leave Nevada Wish a charitable bequest. Creating a legacy by enhancing the lives of children speaks to one’s undying dedication to our state’s youngest residents.

Volunteerism Community-based fundraising efforts by Nevada Wish occur throughout the year, and we are always in need of manpower during these events. Attend as a guest to lend support, or help us by putting some elbow grease into any of our fundraising campaigns.

We at Nevada Wish applaud your interest in what we do and look forward to having you serve as an extension of our team, in any capacity you see fit. Generosity of people like you remains the backbone of our success. Life-altering circumstances involving a child transform a family, and we are honored to be instrumental in getting them back on course, if even for a small block of time. We like to think there is a little bit of magic in every awarded wish, as we have seen amazing things happen when hope is reignited.